Tuesday, March 30, 2004

What's the deal with all this photoshopping/chopping, it's gone from tool to travesty: People will look-back on the results of the practice with the same disdain given to those old colorized photos.

Okay sure, some of those old colorized photos are pretty, but we'll never know what that person's skin really looked like and hell, we could colorize a print if we wanted - and keep the original data intact. One imagines the grandchildren of tomorrow will need advanced systems indeed to figure-out what grandma really looked like before her complexion was cloned into oblivion...

...unless we all saved them with layers intact. So the point is save all your layers, right? No, it isn't.

The point is stop chopping-up your photos, if you've got a damned unibrow well then that's what you look like man, love your hairy self and go on record as such. If your picture is boring then you are boring so get unboring and retake the shot.

If you're cloning-out an old tire or an airplane or an ugly person then you took the wrong damned photograph: Go back and take the right damned photograph and next time be a freakin' professional! Anyways if you're cloning-out ugly things then your mind is too small and you should probably stop shooting now and switch to paint by numbers.