Thursday, November 25, 2004

Got a color Palm, Clie, Treo or Handspring? Go download my fun new demo for thanksgiving chuckles!

It's a proof-of-concet test of my onboard scripted animation, media and character interaction engine ("unScript").

Eh, you can also check the secret demo at (how secret is that?).

Turk E : Poultry in Motion: "Turk-E is the star of 'Poultry in Motion"

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Okay, the results are in folks and I am pleased to announce...

Best Response to the Election

That's right, this time the prestigous honor goes to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jesus Perez:

"We are dancing the tango. When you are dancing the tango and your toe is stepped on, hurting your toe, you complain. If it is stepped on harder, you complain again. There's a whole game, but we are prepared to continue dancing the tango."

Ya know Mr. Perez, I think that just about expresses the sentiment of every thinking person in America. :)
World Media Complicit in US Propoganda?

Are the writers of The Guardian as naive as Bush's 51%, or is it something more sinister?

Guardian Unlimited | The shape of a second term...: "Now there is no electoral need for restraint. The attack will be bloody (...) That these casualties only fuel Iraqi nationalism, anger with the Americans and a desire for revenge, seems not to be understood in Washington."

Yeah - sure. Washington doesn't recognize cause-and-effect. That's right, we're freakin idiots over here and the capital isn't a thinktank consuming our greatest minds in sociology, economics and of course global domination.

Neither do we, the silly American public recognize that our security is pimped-out time and again, our lives expendible fodder for whatever expensive imperialist endeavor currently wets the chops of our warrior elite. Nope, can't see a thing in front of my face.

Stupid brits! Does a man, even an idiot American, repeatedly shoot himself in the face to scratch his nose?

Is it not obvious that The country has been hijacked and THE CITIZENS ARE ENTIRELY STRAPPED-IN, like some mad carnival ride gone out of control, finally flinging us all to our deaths.

We cannot get off. :(

I had to check my spelling of complicit and the definition I got back was:

Dictionary - Yahoo! Reference: complicit
SYLLABICATION: com�plic�it
ADJECTIVE: Associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime; having complicity: newspapers complicit with the propaganda arm of a dictatorship.

Yes - how very apt.