Friday, January 28, 2005

I just had this amusing insight - I theorize that the reason flashing or highly animate visuals (like the gimicks used advertising or entertainment, for example) work on humans is because somewhere in the back of our lizard brain we think that the motion just might be a tiger hiding behind a bush to rip-out our throats.

Of course now that we walk mostly upright this has translated into flashing "DISCOUNT!" signs, movies full of explosions and probably even those blingy hubcap thinggees that the kids are all putting on their cars now, where they keep spinning after they stop moving (btw: huh?).

Amusingly, I'm pretty sure the average modern human is much less equipped than their predecessors to respond to an actual tiger hiding behind a bush to rip-out our throats!

Case in point: Current state of American dictatorship! ;)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

This support "request", recieved by the author of PocketTunes for Palm OS, had me rofl...

...and then I went "hmm...". Coming soon, "pocket vibrator"? rofl...

Random thoughts from a Palm Software Developer: "Monday, December 13, 2004


I just had to share this support request... I'll withhold the name to protect the ... err ... not so innocent.

'I just want to know if I can set Pocket Tunes to vibrate mode so my tunes will vibrate to the beat instead of playing music. I want to drop it down my pants and be happy all day! Rock on dudes!'

# posted by Tim @ 5:25 PM"