Thursday, November 15, 2007

Planting Node Zero in Second Life

A seed sown just a few weeks ago with a few other Second Life residents is about to bear fruit, when the Node Zero Gallery opens this Thursday November 15th at 4pm PST inside Second Life.

The debut brings together a great sampling of new artists producing very unconventional artworks in an unconventional venue.

That's right, readers -- this virtual gallery is entirely convention-free.

What's amusing about this is that I've never wanted to run a gallery. What I have wanted was a venue in which to exhibit my own experimental virtual artwork.

In the past, however, I've been repeatedly disappointed by curators who were only interested in showing my real-world photography. That's great too, but I could show that anywhere: As always, I am looking to focus on the unique opportunities available only in the metaverse.

But I really couldn't justify launching my own gallery just to show my work. This is where the wonderful tendency of Second Life to inspire collaboration gave birth to its own solution.

I met Aiyas Aya at a one of the virtual showings I've just bemoaned: Not bad art, but not pushing visual arts to the next level, and not even using the capabilities of virtual spaces. After the show, we started chatting, cautiously testing each others position on the issue. How fortuitous to find another modern artist, exploring visual arts in Second Life, who was as hungry as I to give experimental new work a virtual venue.

And sooner than either of us really expected, we had collected a network of supporters, contributors and artists that would make our break away possible, and help to create a completely new space for a completely new artistic agenda.

The Wishfarmers are sponsoring Node Zero, because our mission is identical: To explore, to expand and to exploit the capabilities of the metaverse toward new forms of creativity.

What forms could those take?

If the debut show is any indication, not one among us could possibly guess. And I just love that . . . don't you?

See you at the debut!