Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wishfarming Real Jobs in the Virtual World

Jobbit Intro Clip on Wishfarmer TV

The Wishfarmers have just released the Kelly Services Jobbit - a simple and effective job search aid for Second Life, that combines Kelly's extensive job listings with unique perks for the metaverse.

The Jobbit is an example of how virtual worlds offer some really new approaches to user engagement. While there has been a lot of focus on virtual "installations" that users can visit (and that plays a role), there are still many other unique opportunities.

One of these is the chance to "ride along" with users in their daily virtual lives - by providing a utility that they use, and will keep at the ready. The key is simply to provide a real, practical value - without getting in the way.

With the Jobbit, The Wishfarmers achieved this in the form of a "Heads Up Display" (HUD) that attaches directly to the user interface. Users can configure it simply with statements like "chemistry in chicago", and apply for jobs they find with just a click. It then monitors the search, and alerts them to new job postings.

We also came up with a virtual twist on the idea of a hot lead. Users can "beam" any job they find to other nearby avatars, sending them right to the job posting. For your jobless virtual friends - the ones always borrowing L$ from you.

This is just one way in which these emerging platforms (Second Life, Opensim, Croquet, etc) can be used for outreach, and engagement and - yes - marketing (the M word) - in forms from the mundane to the exotic.

And honestly we're really just getting started here. So stay tuned.

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